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Video Package for Consumer Confidence During COVID-19

Build Trust - Assure Safety - Get Busy Again!

Let’s chat about your video package!

Azra Productions recently produced a COVID Safety Video for Pink Caviar Nail Salon in Chicago, IL.

We will work to understand the safety measures your company is taking and create a message to reassure consumers.

Other businesses that can use a video like this include:

  • Healthcare Practitioners (Doctors, Dentists,  etc. )
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers
  • Massage Therapist & Chiropractors
  • Hotels

The Deal

$5,000 Value | Up to 45% Off Today!

If you want to effectively ease concerns customers have about your business sign up below!

An Azra Productions representative will reach out within 24 hours to discuss how your business can use our Post-COVID video service package. 

In this package you'll get:

Free Bonuses:

  • 30-Second Video: Optimized for Social Media Platforms
  • Additional 30-Second Video: Optimized for Ads, Emails, etc.
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Consultation: 30 min. Session Discussing Best Use of Your New Video

Bring 'em Through The Door!

Some businesses thrive through online models, but many (like yours) rely on physical visits.

Your customers’ and employees’ confidence is shaky, and rightfully so. There are so many uncertainties in the world outside of our front doors, we all can use some reassurance from those we trust.

Take a shot at easing those anxieties to build trust and comfort in your establishment with a video from Azra Productions.

It's All about the "Show"

When you tell your audience about the safety measures you’re following, you’re asking them to imagine. In stressful times imagination may bring all the worst possibilities to mind.

Show your staff and customers a video of exactly what procedures you follow and how it is keeping them safe. This will make it simple to place themselves in the picture you paint.

Show, don’t tell, and your message will resonate much more with personnel and consumers.

Why our Videos
Ease Stress

"I am so thankful for Azra Productions. The Covid Safety Video allowed us to SHOW prospective clients how seriously we take everyone’s safety. Now, we spend less time answering safety questions and more time with our clients. Walk ins have increased 40% and appointments increased 50%!"
Victoria Quinones
Pink Caviar Salon

Let's chat about your Post-COVID video package

Why Businesses Love Azra

What is business without great clients?  We love our clients and are proud that they become more than clients, they become great friends.

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